Drake Releases 'Marvins Room' Clip, Chris Brown Remixes Track

Young Money star Drake has been gracious enough to bless fans via his October’s Very Own blog with some freebie tracks in front of his sophomore album Take Care coming later this fall. “Marvins Room” was one of the earlier leaked tracks and the somber tale of a forlorn young man enamored with a taken woman resonated with Drake’s core fans.

Not resting on his laurels as the song has spiked in popularity of late, Drake added some well-orchestrated visuals to “Marvins Room” and fans online chimed in. The video shows the star at a swank bar downing drink after drink and in a fit of liquid courage, he drunkenly dials an old flame and begins to state his case to be her preferred companion – although she’s already moved on.

As the Canadian heartthrob has his advances rejected by female party-goers at the club, the subject of his affection appears onscreen asking Drizzy if he’s drunk. Going deeper into the despair and his inebriated state, the video becomes hazy and altered much like the character Drake plays in the clip before going into a chopped and screwed audio hybrid. Fans on the fast moving social network Twitter had the most to say about Drizzy’s latest video.

“This.Is.Perfect.” tweeted fan @JBlock49 quite succinctly. Actor from “The Wire” Julito “Namond Brice” McCullum added, “Chris Brown Releases His Marvins Room Then Drake Shuts That Down & Releases The Video LOL I Peep Game!” – no doubt addressing the flurry of “Marvins Room” remixes that have sprouted up as of late from other famous names.

User @TheMagdi related to Drake’s woes with the ladies by adding briefly, “We have all been there... LOL” while @uknum1 gives the song’s originator a top nod by tweeting, “So drake still has the best marvins room.” There also some fans who feel Drake dropped visuals for the song in a timed response to all of the remixes of the track.

So far, Teyana Taylor, JoJo, Sammie and Chris Brown have all offered takes on “Marvins Room” with Teyana Taylor also dropping an accompanying steamy video to boot. But it appears that Chris Brown’s version has really taken hold of many fans. “[Chris] brown went off on that marvins room jawn,” tweeted @cartelxcupcake. User @JackiiS_ added, “[Chris] brown remake to marvins room is dope but i think jojo has the best remake too that song!!”

Not every fan loved Breezy’s take however, with fan @therealAmBam tweeting, “So chris brown's marvins room was aight. And the only reason it was aight is cuz he has an amazing voice... Otherwise, blehhhh.”

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