Lil Kim Skips BET Awards To Celebrate Gay Rights In New York

Lil Kim, a longtime advocate of Gay rights, kept true to her staunch stance and support by forgoing the 2011 BET Awards in Los Angeles to attend the annual Gay Pride parade in New York City yesterday. With Friday’s big news that same-sex marriage is now legalized in the state of New York, the parade was a well-attended affair with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and state governor Andrew Cuomo sharing in the festivities.

Lil Kim also made a big splash as the ringmaster for one of the lavish floats during the Pride parade. Kim’s float maintained an Asian theme as she wore a black wig, short black miniskirt and hot pink heels. The Queen Bee held court over her adoring fans as her tunes were blasted out on speakers fixated onto her float. Kim seemed to be in good spirits as she smiled and danced for the crowd. This isn’t the first Pride for Lil Kim who has shown her support of Gay rights as an attendee and performer at previous events.

Although it was reported that Lil Kim would be in attendance at the 2011 BET Awards and undergoing a peace treaty with rival Nicki Minaj, the pint-sized Brooklyn diva took to Twitter to crush all rumors by tweeting on Friday, “I will Absolutely not be at the EBT awards Sunday. I will be on a float at the gay pride parade with my Queens in NYC then at LQ performing.” Kim kept true to her word and tweeted a photo of her atop the Pride float.

Governor Cuomo signed the same-sex marriage law into effect on Friday, making New York the sixth state to legalize Gay marriage. Couples can began to marry starting July 24.

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