Remembering Michael Jackson

As fans around the globe mourn the death of one of the most influential and impressive music artists in Michael Jackson, the iconic singer’s tragic passing two years ago today in his Los Angeles home still resonates in the hearts of many.

With his rich musical legacy spanning over four decades, Jackson is recognized the world over as the most successful recording artist of all time. With record-shattering album sales, innovative videos and an often mimicked style of fashion, Michael’s contributions to entertainment are numerous and still heralded to this day.

When the news of Michael Jackson’s death hit the airwaves, many fans of the beloved pop star were in a state of disbelief as unconfirmed reports spread throughout cable and news networks. It was confirmed by the Los Angeles County Coroner that Jackson’s was the cause of acute propofol intoxication after suffering cardiac arrest. His personal doctor, Conrad Murray, was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter after administering the medicine to Jackson. Murray’s trial is reported to start at September 8 of this year.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in the Midwest town of Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958. Joining with his brothers, Michael formed the Jackson 5 and become one of the biggest musical acts on the famous Motown label in the early 70s. Realizing his star potential, he was thrust out in the front of his talented siblings under the tutelage of his father Joe Jackson. With an angelic voice and sweet boyish features, young Michael Jackson captivated an entire nation with sheer ability. As he grew into his own, Jackson became a force of nature – especially in the late 70s.

But it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller album that most captures the beginning of the high arc of fame for the singer. Produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, the 1982 album would go on to become the greatest selling record of all time with a reported 65 to 110 million copies being sold. Jackson still continued to work with his brothers – now named The Jacksons – and become a touring and recording machine. Big budget videos and lavish tours followed, thus growing Jackson’s fame to unprecedented heights.

Hip hop fans will no doubt recognize that artists such as Nas, De La Soul, Q-Tip and Snoop Dogg have all sampled music from Jackson’s vast catalog. Producers still chop vocal samples and grooves from the deep archives of Jackson’s recorded material. Singers such as Usher and Chris Brown count Jackson as a heavy influence and it certainly shows with their acrobatic dance moves and electrifying live performances. Michael also has recorded with Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G.

Rest In Peace to the King Of Pop, one of the best artists of all times.

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