Made U Look: Kanye West, Dwayne Wade At Paris Fashion Week

Superstar rapper and producer Kanye West has been quite the fixture of late in Paris, which the fashion forward entertainer can easily claim as one of his favorite and most frequent getaways. This week at the Paris Fashion Week affair in the city some deem the fashion capital of the world, Mr. West was shown hobnobbing with other celebrities including NBA star guard of the Miami Heat Dwayne Wade.

Kanye kept it simple in his attire with the handsome star decked out in a simple v-neck white tee, dark pants, a blue baseball cap and several thick gold chains with jeweled medallions adorning them. In a photo with fellow Chicagoan Dwayne Wade, the NBA all-star towered over Kanye and was definitely no slouch himself when it came to the threads.

Wade, one of the sharpest dressed athletes in professional sports, looked to be the vision of cool with a slim fit dark blue suit with some added stylish flair of rolled up sleeves giving him a signature look. Underneath the suit, Wade wore a burgundy v-neck t-shirt with black trimming around the neck. Both stars flashed million-megawatt smiles during their photo op, as the Windy City natives took in the sites and sounds of the fashion event.

R&B crooner Usher also attended the event with photos around the web showing the singer doing his best to match Yeezy and D-Wade's fresh looks with his own standout attire. Sporting a towering afro and wearing some stylish sunglasses, Usher dazzled with a grey leather zip-up jacket, grey shirt and gleaming white jeans.

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