Teacher Suspended, Steps Down After Showing Eminem Video

Last week at a Massachusetts middle school, a seventh-grade teacher showed a rap video from superstar Eminem to her class which led to a suspension. Sarah Jordan, the teacher in question, was said to have shown a portion of Slim Shady’s “Superman” clip to students at the Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School during a media analysis class. Following complaints of inappropriateness from two parents of the 20-student class, she was suspended by school Superintendent Marianne O’Connor.

Ms. Jordan stepped down yesterday from her post at Gibbons Middle School, with the educator stating, “This got bigger than me. I became too controversial.” Jordan told reporters that one parent filed a criminal complaint and took their accusation of the teacher directly to media sources and police officials. Jordan, while not bitter about the split from her post, did say she was bothered that the parent didn’t directly address her first.

The 49-year old Jordan had support from many parents in her community, with some stating to media outlets that the charges were both harsh and that the video was no less racy than images the children see on television already. The criminal charge against Jordan was eventually dropped after it was reported that the teacher showed an edited version of the muted video to her classroom.

Eminem, one of the most popular recording artists of all time, continues to stir embers of controversy even as he has mellowed out as he nears the age of 40. Still biting with his lyrical content when called to, the now sober Motor City bad boy has used his music to act out any of his formerly aggressive impulses. Even with a more subdued public image, Eminem still has to contend with critics who refuse to let go of the Detroit rapper’s turbulent past.

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