Tyler The Creator Respects Casey Veggies Grind While In School


Little known fact, Casey Veggies was an original member of Odd Future. He and Tyler the Creator met when Tyler was a sophomore in high school and Casey was in 8th grade. Casey eventually decided that he wanted to do his own thing (no beef people), and embarked on his own music career.

Now you might be thinking “Damn, Casey messed up,” but that’s messed to say to a seventeen year-old kid with the entire world ahead of him. Better yet, while he juggled Inglewood High and the varsity basketball team, Casey was able to make a bit of buzz for himself. When MTV news caught up with Mr. Creator ahead of Veggies graduation last week, he said he was impressed by his friends ability to do what he did while in school.

“For me, school and music really didn’t cause I didn’t start popping off until I graduated so I kind of had it like that. I know for him its hard, cause he would tell me, like, I'm taking a week off school to go touring. And that sounds cool as hell so you can't even hate on that.”

Tyler said that he was proud of Casey for graduating the way he did. He said there were a lot of idiots in LA without a diploma who don’t have to juggle as much as Casey did. He and Casey have talked, and he told Tyler that he was excited to concentrate on his music. As for a return to Odd Future, Tyler said that Casey was too much of a leader.

“He knows exactly where he wants to go so let that n-gga decide. But he always know if he ever needs anything: beats, a dollar, sneakers, a bag, deodorant, waffles, peas” said Tyler. “I have his back.”