Made U Look: Soulja Boy Tweets New Hairdo

If Chris Brown is the new Sisqo then Soulja Boy must be the new Eminem, at least visually. Adding to a now growing list of artists who are all going the route of dying their hair blonde, rapper Soulja Boy is the latest to join the fray. Watch out Nicki Minaj.

Earlier today SODMG founder revamped his Twitter page revealing a photo of his wavy hair with a golden brown hue, a stark contrast from his jet black hair. Weeks ago Soulja Boy grabbed fans' attention when he showed off his latest 'do, a tribute to Tupac Shakur's character Bishop from the film "Juice" sporting a half moon and the whole nine yards. There's been no indication what trick SB may have up his sleeve that led to the coloration but it's a safe bet his audience will have no shortage of words over his latest look.

"yall check out @SouljaBoy 's new twitcon ; he got blonde hair" tweeted user @_Born2Flyy. "@SouljaBoy I'ma copy your hair bro. Lol looks siiiick" added user @amarnijeans.

While for the most part Soulja Boy's look may forgo without the rapper being scrutinized one fan atributed the latest trend to C Breezy.

"@SouljaBoy don't blush, @chrisbrown is hotter ;)" said follower @NastyTia.

Recently rapper The Game previewed a blood red mohawk to accompany his "Red Nation" video. According to the Game, the look wasn't planned but the motivation from the naysayers fuels him with momentum to keep going.

"I kinda wanted to do something new for the day," the Game told MTV News last month on the set of his video. "I think I'mma stick with it, man. I been getting a lot of rave reviews. The ladies seems to love it. Couple of haters out there. But if I dyed my hair green or kept it black, they'd still be out there waiting to hate on something. But we need the haters, man. Without the haters we can't be who we are."

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