Andre 3000 Calls Beyonce One Of The Best

Beyonce has been labeled by many as arguably the most successful R&B singer the genre has witnessed over the course of the past decade. The sexy siren has managed to surpass a litany of accolades in her short solo career, gaining a larger than life fanbase. One particular fan of B's, fellow musician and rapper Andre 3000 has the highest regards for the reigning queen of R&B music. A few weeks back a new track from Beyonce's upcoming 4 album leaked featuring 3000 and producer Kanye West lighting a fire underneath Outkast fans who've been fiending for more music from their long last prophet.

For the first time in months, the Atlanta native resurfaced speaking glowing words on Beyonce, touching on the singers status as one of the elite performers in the game.

“I’ve always felt Beyoncé was one of the best performers of our time, so to collaborate with her was an honor and a pleasure,” OutKast told Rap-Up.

Over a slinky, slow-bouncing synthesizer and drum machine track reminiscent of a New Jack Swing seduction groove from Al B. Sure!, Beyoncé croons, "I may be young but I'm ready/ To give you all my love/ I told my girls you can get it/ Don't slow it down, just let it go/ So in love."

Unlike the at-points frantic "Run the World (Girls)," the new tune takes its time, lyrically and musically, with Beyoncé luxuriating over her vocals and singing about the beauty of nice and slow. "I'll give it all away/ Just don't tell nobody tomorrow/ So tonight I'll do it every way/ Cause knockin' till the morning light/ 'Cause we like to party."

Andre comes in around the 2:15 mark, his nasally, rapid-fire flow instantly recognizable amid a barrage of brain-twisting rhymes. "Spit this sh-- for rillo, brain Brillo/ Kiddo say he looks up to me, this just makes me feel old/ Never thought that we could become someone else's hero," raps the ATL veteran about his now senior status in the game.

"Man, we were just in the food court, eating our gyro/ Yesterday, that's the way, every single mornin' I try to pray/ Grandmom 'n them, they never forgot, and nothin' else really mean nuttin' to me."

The slow jam runs out with Beyoncé reiterating the lines " 'Cause we like to party, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey" and then a reprise of West's opening lines in praise of that elusive swagu sauce.