We're Live Blogging: Lupe Fiasco Takes On Bill O' Reilly


Lupe Fiasco is a man who stands firmly behind his words. The outspoken lyricist has decided to take his comments regarding the nations commander in chief President Barack Obama where he called the POTUS a "terrorist," right to the doorsteps of one of media's top political journalists, FOX anchorman Bill O' Reilly and his "The O' Reilly Factor" show. Tonight Fiasco will be a special guest after accepting an invitation to defend his controversial words with O' Reilly on what's guaranteed to be a memorable episode of the syndicated program.

Stick with us during and after the show as we bring you live coverage from the pow wow. Get ready for the "Fiasco Factor!"

8:30 PM EST: Lupe defends his terrorist comments. Lupe says everything originated when questioned on lyrics from his song "Words I Never Said." His response was the rapper trying to understand "critically" society.

8:31: O' Reilly says Obama is not a terrorist and says he's doing what he feels is right to protect the country. Cautions Lupe to be more careful with the words he speaks to his audience.

8:32: Lupe cites President Nixon to make his case. "If they reduce fear, they reduce the causes of fear" Lupe quotes Nixon. Clarifies that his comments weren't just directed at Obama but yet every President before and after him.

8:32: O' Reilly tells Fiasco it's Obamas job to protect him. Questions if Fiasco is ok with Navy Seals hunting down Osama Bin Laden and killing him.

8:32: "Hunting down a criminal, a person who's responsible for the deaths of innocent people? I have nothing wrong with that."

8:32 Osama got killed, you ok with that? O' Reilly asks.

8:33: "You know what I got a problem with" Fiasco shot back. "The war in Afghanistan."

8:33: Lupe questions why America is in Afghanistan.

8:33: O' Reilly explains America's mission in Afghanistan. The two go back and forth over America's reasoning in the country. O'Reilly says America was there to deprive Al Qaeda of it's "sanctuary." Fiasco feels differently. Says O' Reilly's perspective is "what he has a problem with."

8:34: O' Reilly blasts Fiasco for misinforming his audience. Says the rapper is bringing a message to people that admire him that is "not true."

8:35: Lupe says recognizing this one attribute of Obama isn't to undermine his other great qualities.

8:35: "If you want to change the name of the show to the "Fiasco Factor" we'll definitely license it out to you for free" Fiasco playfully offers to Riley before signing off.

8:38: The debate ends.

Following the "No Spin Zone" face off, Lupe made note that one important point was edited out of the debate.

"did they edit out the part about the US military manuals that teach you how to be a terrorist?" Fiasco tweeted following the show. "Oh really...come on billy...well read em for your self America" Fiasco said adding a link to the government documents. "im not against the military my father was Special Forces Green Beret "De Opresso Libre" taught me everything i know. im against injustice" the rapper said defending his previous tweet.

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