Casey Veggies Recalls His Prom Night

One of the highlights of everyone's last year of high school is their senior prom. There's that period where once you've gotten into college and you could care less about going through the motions of the last three and a half years - commonly known as senioritis. But proms were the one thing you could look forward to. You and your friends dressed in the finest the tuxedo shop had to offer, as your parents snap photos, just before you hop into your limo and head off to dance the night away.

Recently we caught up with Casey Veggies ahead of his prom just a few weeks ago and he told us a bit about his special night.

"Prom was a bittersweet moment for me, my life, and my career" Casey told MTV. "It was a night one step closer to graduation which will change my life forever. My champagne party was nice, it was dope to see all the people I care about see me off to prom. My night was really cool, I spent it with a girl I really care about. We danced and chilled at prom for a couple hours and after we were picked up by a private driver (pretty swagged out).

The remainder of Casey's evening didn't reflect on hard partying rather what the future had in store for the teenage rapper.

"We went to see a movie but it was too late so we just went back to the hotel and CHILLED" Casey continued. "Nothing more we just relaxed and talked about the future. The next morning we jumped in the jacuzzi then went to breakfast. It was great. I'll miss high school but in every person's life there comes a time when they have to grow."