Juelz Santana Admits To Jacking 'Oh Boy' Beat


This past Wednesday (June 15) on “RapFix Live” with host Sway, the couches were graced by the presence of none other than the personable Diplomats foot soldier Juelz Santana and the Harlem MC had plenty to say about his time with the Dipset, their split and subsequent reunion, and many other treats for the viewing audience.

During an entertaining segment where Sway began to ask Juelz about former collaborator Just Blaze, Juelz confessed that he and his Dipset crew actually stole the track from the producer – just before giving the producer a brief and amicable shout out to the camera.

“We stole that “Oh Boy” beat,” said an animated Juelz during Sway’s question about the Dipset and Just Blaze’s former working relationship. “We stole that, we jacked that. It was a jack move.” Sway then played tape of an earlier “RapFix Live” episode from this past May featuring Just Blaze and rapper Saigon in where the producer spoke directly about the division between Roc-A-Fella, the Diplomats and all affiliated acts during a rocky period at the formerly powerful label.

“Obviously there was a division starting to happen between the camps,” said Just. He continued with, “Whereas Roc-A-Fella used to encompass Get Low, State Property, Diplomats, M.O.P.; all of a sudden you starting to see the dissent between different camps. Arguments are starting to happen. Silent arguments or silent conflicts where neither person is saying [anything,] but their actions are making it apparent.”

Just Blaze went on to say that Dipset captain Cam’Ron told the producer that he should have been a part of the Diplomat team. Just Blaze, loyal to the entire Roc-A-Fella outfit, declared his love and support for the whole unit but went on to say that the Dipset members began to separate themselves from the Roc-A-Fella fold.

Juelz Santana confirmed Just’s story by saying, “I agree with what he was saying as far as he said, it was a lot of silent arguments.” However, Juelz later continued to explain how the “Oh Boy” beat came into his crew’s possession.

“As far as the “Oh Boy” thing, it was beats Just Blaze had in the stash for a minute; we kept hearing the beat,” said Juelz. “We loved the beat. He kept saying the beat is for Jay-Z. Time went on and something happened between Cam and Kanye for the “H To The Izzo” beat.”

Although Kanye promised Cam’Ron the “H To The Izzo” track, the producer thought it best to provide Jay-Z with the track since he was a larger artist at the time. Angered at being cut off from the beat, Cam’Ron and the rest of his crew took matters into their own hands.

“We went into the studio the next day, that “Oh Boy” was sitting there, ‘[Young] Guru, load that up. We doing that.’ We need that right, we taking that.,” said the rapper of his crew's caper. Juelz went on to say that he and his crew essentially strong-armed the track from the Roc-A-Fella engineer but also said Guru shouldn’t be held accountable for the transaction.

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