Big Sean And Chris Brown's 'My Last' Called 'Thug Lyrics' In College Lawsuit

Chris Brown has been called many names over the course of the past three years but one would argue that a "thug" he is not. However, if left up to a New York college athletic director the perception may be deemed differently.

Molloy College is at the center of a lawsuit lobbed by 19 year old student Caitlin Ortiz who's accusing the University of discrimination over two Facebook postings, one depicting the lyrics to Big Sean and Browns hit song "My Last."

In one particular posting the Latin softball player poses for a photo with the lyrics to the song 'andd imm put this drink uppp like its my lastt' plastered underneath the pic. According to Ortiz, she lost her scholarship at the school after the teams coach and athletic director, Susan Cassidy-Lyke referred to Ortiz' latest FB posting as "thug like comments."

"Cassidy-Lyke referred Ortiz to a printout of Ortiz's Facebook page and stated Ortiz should not have posted the typo-filled song lyric [including] 'and imm put this drink upp like its my last' - because she did not want recruiters to think Molloys' softball team was 'full of thugs,' " the complaint read. Ortiz also cited another posting, an alleged threat to a housemate, as part of her discrimination suit.

Big Sean has been on a roll this week partly due to the release of his acclaimed track "Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay" featuring boss Kanye West. Sean revealed details about the song weeks back then debuted the record last week at a private listening gala in lower Manhattan hosted by Mr. West. Following the release of the song the title was a trending topic for two straight days. Sean's G.O.O.D. Music debut, Finally Famous featuring Wiz Khalifa, West, Roscoe Dash, John Legend and Lupe Fiasco hits stores on June 28th on Def Jam Records.

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