Lil Mama Says Nicki Minaj Mimicked Her Style

21-year old rapper and America’s Best Dance Crew judge Lil Mama shared in a recent interview that Young Money diva Nicki Minaj has copied her look along and also revealed that her fellow female rapper peers have shunned her to some degree.

Speaking with VIBE, the “Lip Gloss” star defiantly corrected her critics who have accused Lil Mama of taking fashion cues from Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj while claiming that her look was actually borrowed by the Pink Friday starlet and not the other way around. Lil Mama also addressed herself as a trendsetter and didn’t shy away from VIBE’s tough questions regarding the fashion rip accusations.

“Come on, let's be real okay. You have all these people wearing different colored hair. At the end of the day I'm a bombshell, so I'm going to do me. If I want to go platinum, I'm going platinum,” said a cheeky Lil Mama in direct response to her critics. “Let's not forget that we have had people doing these things way before the people who are doing it now.”

Lil Mama went on to say, “and let's also not forget that the black community sometimes we really hang ourselves because every time another black female gets up there and does something that may be current, we criticize each other and try to put each other down, but when Katy Perry and Lady Gaga do it, they all eat.”

After Nicki Minaj was spotted at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in a jet black bob wig, fans turned a critical eye towards Lil Mama who sported a similar haircut but wasn’t perturbed by the comments. “But my cut is blunt and futuristic and Nicki Minaj started wearing that bob on her head after she came to my show, so at the end of the day I know what I do and I know what I possess and I know who I am. I'm a trendsetter,” said Lil Mama. She also described herself as “flattered” that Minaj would imitate her and marked herself a trendsetter in her field.

Lil Mama said that fellow artists Missy Elliot and Lil Kim felt “challenged” by her presence and named Jada Pinkett Smith and elder stateswoman MC Lyte as her only true advisers. Currently unsigned and independent, Lil Mama will be releasing a follow up to her 2008 debut VYP (Voice Of The Young People) titled Voice Of The Young People: I Am That on a upcoming and unconfirmed date this year. Nicki Minaj has not responded to Lil Mama as of yet.

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