50 Cent Touches On New Look, Dr. Dre Album

With 50 Cent, every move made there's a guaranteed strategy behind it. Yesterday photos emerged of Fif, depicting a real life Pimpin Curly attending the premiere of his "Things Fall Apart" film in Aruba. While the media had a field day with photos of the Queens MC on the red carpet, earlier today 50 addressed the chatter, noting his new "look" was the result of a recent film role.

"Hahaha you fools talking about my hair for my last movie" 50 tweeted. "Ok I just make more money off it lol I'm WINNING."

Mr. Jackson didn't appear to be the happiest man following that tweet when he revealed information that his upcoming album was on hold indefinitely. On a brighter note, Fif again spoke on mentor Dr. Dre's long delayed Detox album giving another indication the record is on the way.

"I'm on that DRE sh*t boy guess when my sh*t coming out WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. LMAO" 50 added. "Yo DRE has some really good music. The song I did with him should come out soon. I think ill wait till he comes out to drop" the MC later addeed.

Fans were reeling over 50's new look, which saw them conversating front and center with the rapper.

"@50cent you can do anything u want bby !!! Curly kinky straight or bald i luv u regardless lol" supporter JeannetteAlba tweeted.

"@50cent Make that MONEY!!! Money talks and bull$--t walk$!!!" user @emothers told 50.

Other fans of the bulletproof rapper weren't so pleased over Fif's choice of hairstyle.

"@50cent Yo fif did I just see a pic of you rockin' a escurl bwhahahaha WTF homey? Plz say it aint so" user nyjetsfancom asked.

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