Saigon And Just Blaze Perform At The Apple Store


Brooklyn rapper Saigon is currently relishing in the surprising success of his much-delayed studio debut album The Greatest Story Never Told and while the outspoken MC has long been lauded for his unflinching bravado, Saigon still manages to show an amazing amount of humility to go along with his tough street talk.

MTV News caught up with Sai and producer Just Blaze after a performance at the Apple Store Soho in New York City on June 10 as the pair reflected on the success of the album, working the independent label scene and the hardships both faced in making the album a reality.

“You know, man, my album doing very well independently. I put it out myself. I did it independently with Suburban Noize Records,” said a proud Saigon. “We put it out ourselves and just went guerrilla style in the streets, shot guerrilla styles videos. We did everything on our own. We did some very decent numbers for an indie.”

Saigon also remarked that being on a smaller label affords him the freedom to speak freely without the constraints of major label meddling. “I like that creative freedom to say what I want to say. A lot of times a major just what you to keep saying the same things. I’m a little bit more insightful than that. I’m an independent thinker so I need that to have that independence when I make my music.”

A sleepy Just Blaze also added some glowing words about the release of Sai’s album and gave the rapper props for sticking to his guns. “It was his (Saigon) perseverance that was the driving force to get it (the album) pushed out,” said Just.

Saigon’s debut album The Greatest Story Never Told was released this past February and debuted on the Billboard 2000 charts at position 61.

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