Ja Rule's Wife Adresses Their Financial Status


Now incarcerated rapper Ja Rule has his family's best interest at heart. Earlier this year the Hollis native's two year sentencing was postponed so that he could clear up his "tax issue," as his lawyer Stacy Richman put it back in March.

"We want to finish the album, and there's also a tax issue," lawyer Stacey Richman said. "Somebody, an accountant, had filed an incorrect form, and this is to correct what was done in the past."

Last week Ja Rule turned himself in to begin his prison sentence and according to his wife Rule left his family in good financial state.

"He did leave us well off. All of the rumors about Ja being broke are far from true" Aisha Atkins told TMZ. "Ja made sure that me and my kids wouldn't need anything as far as income goes. He planned well before he went in. We won't be bad even for a little bit -- that was Ja's first priority as a man who makes sure family comes first."

Last month during a visit on RapFix Live Ja Rule also cleared up the story that he was financially having a tough time.

"Let me just clear this up for people who think that Ja Rule doesn't pay taxes: bulls--t" the rapper told Sway. "Ja Rule pays plenty of taxes, millions of dollars in taxes. The thing is I owed them a little more. I had some issues where when the whole Murder Inc. thing went down and my accountant, she had some Federal issues with the boys herself for doing some things so I fell into a few issues there. But it's not an issue like that. It's being taken care of."