Cam'ron Speaks On Alleged Rift With Just Blaze


Last month super producer Just Blaze stopped by the MTV offices for our weekly RapFix Live show alongside his artist Saigon. At one particular moment in the show Just recalled a past situation that he feels eventually led to a fallout with Diplomats head Cam'ron. According to Just some heated words were exchanged following a studio session that went kaput and the two haven't spoken since.

It was an incident surrounding a Dipset chain that stood out in Just's mind. "I walked into the studio one day and Cam said to me, 'You should've been Dipset,' " he said. "He had just bought like 10 Dipset chains, so I was like, 'I need my chain — wassup?' "

The breaking point in Cam and Blaze's relationship came after a studio mix-up. According to Just, the Diplomats CEO booked studio time, expecting Blaze to show up to work, even though the producer never agreed to the date and time. Around the same time, Blaze reached out to Killa Cam to record a feature he was producing for Mariah Carey.

After exchanging a few emails, the two got on the phone, at which time, according to Blaze, Cam said: "F you, F your beats. It's no drama, we're just not F'in with you no more."

Just Blaze went on to say that Cam'ron eventually apologized and that he harbors no ill will towards the Harlem rapper, but "the relationship was never the same."

This past Sunday we caught up with Killer Cam at Summer Jam where the Harlem MC acknowledged he heard about Just's comments but shot down any potential claims of a rift existing between the two.

"I haven't spoken to Just in years" Cam told MTV News backstage at the concert. "I heard something about it. I didn't know we had a problem. I'm cool with Just. I'm proud of everything he's done. I appreciate everything he's done for me and Dipset. I never even knew it was a problem. I was unaware of it but I don't have a problem."