Kanye West Somewhat Silent On Twitter And In The Media

Along with sweeping productions, capable rhymes and a knack for head turning fashion, Kanye West was also infamous for his sometimes bristling persona and presence in the media. However, it seems as if the Chicago superstar has fallen off the media and social network grid and it has become more noticeable even as Kanye still makes the occasional headline or two.

Yeezy’s reluctance to deal with media is certainly understandable, given the many squabbles and contentious battles he’s had with the press during his rise to infamy. Kanye’s erratic behavior may have inspired the media attacks, such as him rushing the stage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. Kanye also has thrown tantrums and the like, using the press as his sounding board which only seemed to garner him more negative media attention than he hoped for.

Kanye West and his infamous war of words with Today show host Matt Lauer last November has gone down in infamy as one of the classic examples of the outsized personality of the star rapper and producer. It also marked the beginning of a growing media silence as Kanye has not granted any major news outlet an interview since, unless one counts a curious silent interview he gave to NY Mag back in January at an exhibit for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover artist George Condo.

At Tuesday’s (June 7) Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awards in New York, which featured Fashion Icon award winner Lady Gaga, a casually dressed but still fashionable Kanye chatted up other actresses Liv Tyler and Chloe Sevigny on the carpet but frequently denied reporters any interviews by saying, “Sorry, I don’t do interviews” – which was as much he’s said in months to the press.

Keeping with this newly mute theme, Kanye has not used his popular Twitter page since March 15. When Kanye first joined the social media network, it was treated as a world event by some in the blogosphere and the micro-blogging site was a perfect playground for Kanye’s frequent thoughts. Many were able to get a glimpse of the man as he casually tweeted photos of his travels, his belongings and even brief anecdotes of his personal life. Kanye even took to Twitter in February to praise Internet darlings Odd Future and their leader Tyler The Creator, boldly stating that Tyler’s “Goblin” video was the best of 2011.

To be fair, Kanye did openly speak to the media somewhat at a recent event for his longtime protégé from Detroit Big Sean at a invite-only listening party for the Motor City rapper’s highly anticipated Def Jam debut Finally Famous. While Kanye didn’t exactly toil about in a media pit, he did join Sean onstage at the Standard Hotel Tuesday (June 7) night in New York City and expressed adoration and admiration for his mentor producer No I.D. and Big Sean. No I.D., producer for Common’s earlier work, produced the bulk of Big Sean’s upcoming release and is responsible for teaching Kanye how to make beats.

While Kanye’s silence is indeed deafening considering how many media sound bites he has provided over the course of his career, speculations abound that Kanye may be thrusting all of his focus into his other endeavors such as his reported fashion line and the upcoming joint album with longtime ally Jay-Z Watch The Throne. Forever the enigma, Kanye West continues to intrigue his fans and the media with each of his subtle and increasingly calculated moves.

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