Wiz Khalifa Denies Run In With Waka Flocka

Yesterday the infamous Summer Jam radio show took place across the water from the city that never sleeps. In past years the Hot 97 sponsored event has become the launching pad for some of Hip-Hop's biggest beefs amongst the genre's superstar MCs. Years back Jay-Z set off not one, but two battles with NYC rivals Prodigy and Nas (Jay-Zs display of Prodigy as a ballernia on the venue's Jumbotron will forever go down in the Summer Jam record books), Nas attempting to clap back at Hov the following year with a noose hanging a Hov look-a-like, Eminem and 50 Cent going after Ja Rule and the Source magazine, and many more memories.

At the start of yeterday's show there were a few rumblings backstage before any MC was able to grace the Summer Jam stage. There were numerous reports that newcomers Wiz Khalifa and Waka Flocka Flame had an unfriendly run-in where heated words were exchanged. The two rappers were scheduled to perform one right after the other, with Wiz kicking off the festivities. The night was expected to be anything less than dramatic with other competitive MCs including Lloyd Banks and the G-Unit crew and Rick Ross and his faction roaming the backstage corridors of the Meadowlands Arena. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed on a night chock full of Hip-Hop action.

Earlier today the Pittsburgh flower connoisseur cleared up any speculation that he was beefing with Waka on his Twitter account.

"Me And Waka Don't Have Beef. I Fux Wit That Lil Ugly N-gga," Wiz tweeted.

While Wiz was quick to dismiss the reports, Waka has yet to address the alleged incident, if at all. Stay tuned.

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