Kanye West Reportedly Developing High-End Fashion Line In Paris

Already world famous for his rhymes, production, lavish videos and outsized personality, Chicago son Kanye West – who already has a limited run scarf selection available – is now reportedly dipping his toe into full-on fashion design according to an unnamed source to British paper The Telegraph.

The source said that Kanye is working on his new line in a studio in Paris, where one could speculate the superstar will be studying many of the world renowned fashion designers housed in the famous city. The news may not be a bit of a stretch however, as ‘Ye was quite the fixture in “La Ville-Lumière (The City Of Light)” while attending numerous fashion and catwalk shows over the past few months which perhaps inspired the entertainer to undertake this newest foray.

Kanye West and his eye for top-notch fashion is not a mystery, with the star known to sport only the finest threads even in casual wear. This past May, a collaboration between designers M/M Paris and Kanye inspired by the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover artwork from painter George Condo spawned a limited scarf collection –which is now available at around $360 dollars. Kanye has also worked alongside athletic shoe and apparel company Nike to release his popular high-end Air Yeezy sneakers.

Kanye West has attempted clothing design before with his Pastelle line eventually folding before even releasing anything to the public in 2009 after much fanfare. Kanye told Elle magazine that same year, “Did you not see the Lindsay (Lohan) and Ungaro collection? That was 911 for celebrities doing fashion. After that I thought ‘Well I can't do a line now’.

Yeezy also worked with French fashion house Louis Vuitton in developing a line of casual footwear for the company’s 2009 spring/summer lineup.

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