Chris Brown, Tyler The Creator Duke It Out On Twitter

R&B star Chris Brown has waded back into familiar territory with yet another public squabble on Twitter and this time the singer found himself locking horns with the foul-mouthed and strongly opinionated Tyler The Creator of the equally beloved and maligned rap crew Odd Future Wolf Gang.

Last night (June 2), Chris Brown fired off a critical tweet while also acknowledging – at least in part – his own follies to no one in particular. The tweet read, “I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence,and destruction with my music! #f—kouttahere” and after several retweets from users who both supported and also took light jabs at the singer, Tyler responded with a pointed tweet of his own.

“Why Is Chris Brown Talking So Much Sh-- About Metallica? Weird,” posted the Goblin rapper and then continued a series of tweets poking fun at Chris Brown’s hit single “Look At Me Now” – at times claiming the song to be one of his favorites although his comments seemed rife with sarcasm.

Chris Brown attempted to take the high road but soon ended up mentioning in his Twitter timeline that his tweet was not aimed at the Odd Future collective. “Never mentioned [Tyler] or any of them N----s! General statement and your hype man hodgy caught feelings! #n----sthatfeelguilty,” stated Chris Brown.

Tyler, a known prolific user of Twitter, continued his assault on Chris Brown and even began to direct his comments to the crooner directly. The OFWGKTA rapper and producer did attempt to extend an olive branch towards Brown, although it isn’t known if Tyler was pulling a prank. “Anyway, If You Ever Need BEATS, Let Me Know, They HIT HARD. Peace Fam. And Congrats On That Double Plat,” tweeted Tyler to Chris Brown.

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