VIBE Magazine Responds To Amber Rose

Here we go again. Last week Amber Rose lashed out at VIBE magazine after catching a glimpse of her cover story interview for the "Sexy Issue" where she gives a candid interview detailing her current love life with Wiz Khalifa and past rocky relationship with Kanye West. According to Rose the publication fabricated her words and she's piping mad about it. Earlier today the magazine's Editor in Chief Jermaine Hall issued a statement sticking by the mag's story.

Dear VIBE reader,

As we’re sure you’ve heard, Amber Rose has expressed some displeasure with VIBE’s June/July cover story. VIBE stands by the accuracy and reporting of the narrative. We invite you to form your own opinion, however. The Sexy Issue hits 'stands nationwide June 7.

Jermaine Hall

VIBE Magazine

Editor in Chief

Shortly after Mr. Hall's statement additional portions of the interview made it's rounds on the 'net that suggested the highlighted editorial may be the center of Rose's frustration.

The high-profile relationship took a turn in Hawaii during Kanye’s recording sessions for his cathartic fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West Booked an entire Honolulu studio indefinitely for 24-hour slots while a cast of artists joined him for long days of business. Rose allegedly didn’t take to the all-work, no-play atmosphere. “In Hawaii [Amber] was being obnoxious in the studio like, ‘What the f--k? I wanna f--king eat,’” says an anonymous source. “Kanye got so mad because here he is trying to record and she keeps talking about, ‘Let’s go back to the house, I wanna f--k. We haven’t f---ed in two days.’ I left the room for 10 minutes and when I came back he [told her], ‘Yo get the f--k up out of here!’ She left the room crying.

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