Michelle Obama Getting Comfy With Common, Responds To White House Visit

Rapper Common sure does know how to charm the ladies. A few weeks back the Chicago lyricist visited the White House in yet another controversial chapter in President Obama's presidency. The MC was invited to Capitol Hill on behalf of Michelle Obama for the first lady's poetry session. One would think a simple poetry invite would appear harmless but Common's then poetry reading set off a firestorm of controversy with critics suggesting it was poor taste for the White House to invite a rapper who praised cop killers.

Speaking out for the first time since the gathering, Michelle backed her decision to extend the invitation to Common.

"We had a poetry session and we invited young kids in just last week from all over the country" Michelle told a group of students at Oxford University. "And they talked to some of the most outstanding poets, and they read their poetry in the state room. And then we had a poetry night and Common was there. He's very cute. But everybody from poet laureates to hip-hop folks, being able to mix up the world in that very interesting way, the White House allows you to do that."

Following Common's controversial visit, fellow rapper Nas spoke out against critics labeling them unhappy within their inner selves.

"The people who feel like Common shouldn't be performing are really old in their thinking," Nas said. "It's like your grandparents have a microphone, and not even smart grandparents -- just ignorant grandparents...It scares the h-ll out of them. They feel like an endangered species in their way of thinking. People that are not open to change are just miserable."

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