Lil Wayne Debuts New Single, Fans React

It can be said that Lil Wayne marches to the beat of his own drum, and the Young Money head honcho proves that point once again with the latest track "How To Love" from his forthcoming album.

After dropping two high energy offerings in “6 Foot 7 Foot” and “John (If I Should Die)” from his ninth studio album Tha Carter IV, Wayne pulls a gutsy move by employing the Auto Tune vocal plug in and opting to croon his way into the hearts of his adoring public. The single “How To Love” is produced by Detail and features hushed guitar strumming and some rather subdued lyrics from Weezy F. as he showcases his sensitive side with this song empathizing with and also catering to the ladies.

Karen Civil had the exclusive this morning (May 26) and soon after, the Internet exploded with comments on Twitter and across the blogosphere with many fans not sure what to make of Wayne’s latest foray into vocalizing.

“Well, this is weak, not even a good radio song. U can’t play this in a club or nothing, said a commenter on Miss Info’s blog about the track. Another user kept it succinct with “Two Thumbs Down!”

However some fans of Wayne’s past pop work were supportive of the new direction and gave glowing reviews.

“#icantfront this lil wayne how to love is knockin,” tweeted user Young Quise. User Herbsaac added, “I can dig it.. Lollipop of C4.. Gotta get that pop stuff in to get sales !!” – remembering that Wayne has employed this tactic of radio-friendly singles in times past.

One reluctant Twitter fan hopes that Lil Wayne’s latest single isn’t the precursor of things to come. “I hope this doesn't mean Drake, Nicki and Wayne will put out an R&B album together,” tweeted user Q of TMB.

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