New Boyz Rank Their Favorite Kardashian Sisters


Do you have a favorite Kardashian sister? The New Boyz certainly do, even ranking them in order of preference.

The California rap and “jerkin’” dance duo are seemingly fans of the reality show vixens the Kardashian sisters and on their upbeat new single “Better With The Lights Off” featuring vocalist Chris Brown, Ben J and Legacy named dropped two of the famous siblings in a verse that may have caused some to raise an eyebrow with its intention.

The line in question, “Every guy wants to know how it is/ To clap off the lights and turn Khloé to Kim,” was said by Legacy and he clarified in a MTV News interview that he meant no offense to Khloé, who also happens to be the wife of NBA Sixth Man award winner and Los Angeles Laker forward Lamar Odom. “Khloé is a beautiful girl. Like we were saying, you look beautiful, but you look better with the lights off," Legacy said.

The New Boyz individually ranked the sisters, with the pair disagreeing in their choices slightly. “I’m a take Kourtney first, and then I’m gonna go to Kim Kardashian and then Khloé,” said Ben J. Legacy added, “I’m a go with Kim first because I don’t care what anyone saying about anything being fake, fake or not it’s still there.” Legacy continued with, “So I’m going with Kim, and then Khloe – no I mean Kourtney and then Khloé.”

Even though the Boyz didn’t give Khloé higher marks than her sisters, they still gave respectful props to all three of the dark-haired beauties, with Legacy declaring all three of the siblings “hot.” Ben J also agreed with his partner, remarking that recent photos of Khloé were pleasing to the eye.

Ben J and Legacy just released their sophomore album Too Cool Too Care a week ago, a follow up to their debut Skinny Jeanz And A Mic.

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