Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell Engages In NAACP Mayoral Debate

Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell shocked the world in announcing his intention to run for mayor of Miami-Dade County, as many find it hard to imagine the former foul-mouthed leader of bad boy rap group 2 Live Crew as an elected official given his musical past. However, Campbell has taken steps to rehab his image by becoming a news columnist, high school football coach and active pillar of his community.

Basing his decision to run as a result of a deep investment in community service and improving the conditions of the county, the 50-year old Uncle Luke has recently ramped up his efforts to gather votes with a glowing endorsement from his newspaper home Miami New Times. In tomorrow's (May 24) mayoral vote to replace ousted Republican mayor Carlos Alvarez, Campbell joins ten other candidates all vying for the mayor's chair.

Last week, Campbell entered a heated debate at the New Birth Baptist Church in Miami as reported by Miami New Times in where Luke got into a verbal dustup with fellow candidate Wilbur "Short Stop" Bell after asserting that seasoned political vet Julio Robaina is using his influences to buy off other black candidates. "In my opinion, I think Mr. Robaina bought off Mr. Bradley, Mr. Gimenez is too nice to buy off anybody, so I think Mr. Bell is bought off by Mr. Robaina as well. See 'cause Mr. Robaina got a lot of money. He can buy off everybody up here but me," said Campbell.

Campbell went on to say that as a political outsider, he is less susceptible to the high levels of corruption and special interest groups investing in his campaign. "I'm the only individual who's gonna step up to them because I'm not a political insider, and I do not take special interest money," Campbell said.

Although he isn't considered a front runner in the race, it isn't deterring the outspoken Uncle Luke from attempting to drum up support. "Good Morning My Miami! Now my team will be out in the community inspiring come out to the POLLS VOTE for Me...Punch #17...Luther "LUKE" Campbell for Mayor of Your Miami-Dade... "LET's Make History!"...," posted Campbell to his Luther "Luke" Campbell for Mayor of Miami-Dade Facebook page and Luke4Mayor Twitter account.

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