Cassidy Clears Up Murder Rumors And Spits A New Freestyle

Last week rapper Cassidy was arrested and the initial reports was that he was facing murder charges. Well the Philly rapper is now out of jail and last night the rapper sat down with DJ Cosmic Kev and cleared the rumors up saying there were never any murder charges. Oh yeah, and spit some killer bars too.

Cassidy explained on the radio that he was on probation from the aggravated assault charges that he caught six or seven years ago. The “I’m A Hustla” MC missed an appointment with his P.O. and a warrant was automatically issued for his arrest.

“I’m still on probation from the situation I dealt with about six, seven years ago,” he told Cosmic Kev. The fact that Cass’ warrant was issued in Philly and he was staying in New Jersey made matters worse. “That’s why the police bought the whole SWAT team.”

The rapper was arrested at a convenience store and shipped to Bergen County Jail Annex. Because of the previous murder charges that Cassidy faced in 2005 he was considered armed and dangerous, however many media outlets began to report that the Swizz Beatz protege was facing new murder charges. Cassidy explained to Kev that all he was wanted for was the probation violation and admitted that even he was confused by the whole ordeal.

“I wasn’t even sure what I was charged with. they bringing the whole SWAT team out, they talkin’ about I’m on maximum security, I’m armed and dangerous,” he said. “I didn’t even know what I was goin’ down for.

“I was confused and if I know if I was confused the people in the streets were definitely confused.”

After clearing up the confusion, Cassidy did what he did best and spit murderous bars.