‘Racks’ Producer Says Wiz Khalifa’s Freestyle is Best

By Rob Markman

Call us crazy but Wiz Khalifa and “Racks” producer Sonny Digital can be country cousins, no?

Well, we here at RapFix think Sonny favors Wiz and interestingly enough when it comes to the crop of “Racks” freestyles that have been springing up lately, the song’s producer favors the Khalifa version most. “The best one I heard was Wiz Khalifa to be honest. Everybody else’s was straight, but Wiz Khalifa, his was the best,” SD told MTV News.

When we interviewed Sonny on Wednesday (May 18), he was hoping to get his hands on the MP3 version of the YC song which hadn’t yet surfaced. “I could never find an MP3 though, I just only seen a video of it though,” he said of the freestyle which Wiz had only been performing live up until that point.

The rapper and the beat maker must be kindred spirits because the day after our interview with Sonny, Khalifa leaked his recorded version of “Racks” on to the Internet.

As far as the song’s official remix goes, Digital isn’t sure who will make the cut; though he estimates anyone who already freestyle’d to the track probably blew their load. Already Ace Hood, Jermaine Durpi and Da Brat have been just a few of the artists to jump on the song’s beat and add their twist. “They should’ve waited,” he said. “I don’t think a whole lot of mainstream artists are doing it because they might be on the remix.”

Who did your favorite “Racks” freestyle and Do you think Wiz Khalifa and Sonny Digital look alike? Let us know in the comments.