Nas Airs Out FOX News, Supports Common's White House Visit


Just like Jon Stewart, rapper Common has an ally in Nas. The critically acclaimed lyricist recently expressed his thoughts on controversial media outlet FOX News in the wake of the Common debacle regarding his visit to the White House last week for a poetry session.

The Queens rapper says anyone who feels some type of way about Common's invite from Michelle Obama, namely FOX, is out of touch with the times.

"The people who feel like Common shouldn't be performing are really old in their thinking," Nas said. "It's like your grandparents have a microphone, and not even smart grandparents -- just ignorant grandparents...It scares the h*ll out of them. They feel like an endangered species in their way of thinking. People that are not open to change are just miserable."

Similar to Common, Nas was under heavy scrutiny from FOX News over an appearance to uplift students following the tragic Virgina Tech massacre. No stranger to controversy, Nas responded to FOX on his Untitled album with the scathing track "Sly Fox" exposing the network.

"Watch what you watchin', Fox keeps feeding us toxins, Stop sleeping, Start thinking, Outside of the box and" Nas raps on the song. "Only Fox that I love was the red one, Only black man that Fox loves is in jail or a dead one!, Red rum, Political bedlam, Don't let the hype into your eyes and ear drum, Murdoch on Fox, Not 18 with Barracas, And he hate Barack cause He march with the marchers."

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