Welcome To Heartbreak Hotel: Kanye West, The Ladies Man

Kanye West may be world renowned for his orchestrated productions, controversial outbursts and his expensive tastes in fashion. But the handsome and dapper rapper is also known for dating a bevy of drop-dead beauties over the course of his career as well.

Although supposedly single, it seems that Mr. West has not only cranked up the number of women he’s reportedly seen since his split last year with Amber Rose, but also tacking on some frequent flier miles after being caught in Cannes smooching with a Sports Illustrated model and dating an Albanian beauty pageant queen. RapFix takes a look back at the dating life of Kanye West from the beginning of his fame to his current place as a global superstar.

2004 – Sumeke Rainey dated Kanye West for years before his star began to rise, even playing a supportive role on his smash debut album The College Dropout and appearing on two tracks “The New Workout Plan” and “Get Em High” – and Kanye even mentioned Ms. Rainey’s late father in a verse on “Never Let Me Down.” As ‘Ye became more famous, the relationship eventually fizzled.

2004-5 – Brooke Crittendon, star of BET’s reality series Harlem Heights, and her relationship with Kanye was gossip blog fodder for a while especially after appearing together at the 2006 Grammy Awards parties and festivities. Well after the Syracuse University grad and former MTV employee split with Kanye, she found herself promoting the Harlem Heights show and defending her past with the famed producer in a slew of interviews.

2006-8 – Interior designer Alexis Phifer and Kanye were on the fast track to matrimony, and the couple was even featured in Harper’s Bazaar in 2007 in a feature spread on the rapper’s posh Los Angeles home. The engagement was ended on friendly terms in 2008.

2008-10 – The Amber Rose era found Kanye’s dating life under high scrutiny at all times as the blond bombshell was always by his side for runway-ready photo ops and the like. Their steamy two-year love affair ended in the summer of 2010, with recent rumblings surfacing that Kanye may be jealous of Amber’s current beau rapper Wiz Khalifa – although Wiz himself declared he has no issue with Yeezy.

2010-present – Kanye has been linked with a host of women since his split with Amber Rose. Busty model Shay the UK Bombshell has been linked with the rapper although much has never been made of the rumor. Reality star Kim Kardashian has also been a rumored fling for ‘Ye. Swimsuit model Kate Upton and now French actress Virginie Maury who seems to be Kanye’s current focus as pictures exploded on the tabloids and blogs of Yeezy locking lips with the blonde beauty. The same day the photos of his make out session with Kate hit the Internet, Kanye was also rumored to be hooking up with Miss Universe Albania Angela Martini.

Hard to keep up with that Kanye, isn’t it?

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