Eminem And Royce Da 5' 9" Are Coming To RapFix Live This Wednesday!


Eminem and Royce Da 5' 9'' 's alter egos "Bad" and "Evil" are taking over our weekly RapFix Live show for a special Shady edition. Em and Royce will chop it up with host Sway for what's guaranteed to be another epic conversation in the Hip-Hop show.

The two lyrical MCs opened up to Sway while on the set of their video for the first single "Fast Lane" off the upcoming EP, Hell: The Sequel.

"I'm not Royce today: I'm 'Bad'; [Eminem] is 'Evil,' " Royce Da 5' 9" explained.

"For the most part, I like my name, and I think I wanna be 'Evil.' We've had a debate about this before" Eminem added in.

RapFix Live host Sway expressed his excitement following the interview and the upcoming show.

"Eminem’s energy on the set of ‘Fast Lane’ was electrifying," said Sway. "Watching and listening to Royce the 5'9" and Eminem lyrically joust seamlessly back and forth reminded me of what REAL RAP sounds like.”

“Em is lucid and healthy and it's reflecting in his music" Sway continued. "He told me that it's other talented artists around him that have challenged and inspired him to record and perform more. ‘Hell: The Sequel’ is going to spark a new wave of lyrical gladiators."

Hell: The Sequel — featuring production from Mobb Deep's Havoc, DJ Khalil, Bangladesh and D-12 member Denaun Porter — will be released June 14.

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