Cassidy Arrested For Probation Violation

Trouble seems to follow Philadelphia rapper Cassidy like a pesky fly at a picnic.

The latest legal snafu for the former Ruff Ryder and Swizz Beatz artist occurred over the weekend in Hackensack, New Jersey where Cassidy, born Barry Reese, was arrested Saturday (May 14) on what news outlet reported as a “high-risk warrant” as a result of the rapper violating parole in his native city.

Philadelphia polices officials, according to the report, made a call into the Hackensack police department to inform officers and staff of Cassidy’s open warrant. A previous investigation done by Philadelphia police revealed that Cassidy was residing in New Jersey. Philadelphia police also named the rapper a suspect in a murder case and two additional attempted murder cases on top of the violation. Philadelphia officials also provided the Hackensack police with Reese’s current address.

Hackensack police tailed Cassidy from his home as he visited a corner convenience store in where an undercover officer confirmed the rapper’s identity just as arresting officers moved in to complete the coup. Cassidy was then shipped to the Bergen County Jail Annex – the same facility that once housed fellow beleaguered rapper and former Jim Jones cohort Max B as he awaited trial for murder and robbery.

Reports also detail that Reese will be held at the annex and undergo extradition to Philadelphia to face questions from investigators handling the murder cases. A call into Hackensack police today yielded no new results, with officers saying that an official within the department will be better equipped to handle all media inquiries tomorrow morning, including a prepared statement from the department.

This arrest isn’t the first of Cassidy’s run ins with the long arm of the law. In April of 2005, Cassidy and two other men were involved in a shootout which left one man dead. Two months later, a warrant was issued for Cassidy’s arrest on several charges including murder, attempted murder and assault. He entered prison in August of 2005 was released eight months later in March of 2006 after more serious charges of his case were downgraded.

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