Nas And Prodigy Anticipate Future Collaborations


Queensbridge heavyweights Nas and Mobb Deep are back to making classic records together after putting their personal differences aside. Upon Prodigy's release in March from a three year prison stretch one of the first missions on his agenda was squashing his beef with the fellow QB homey.

"When I was writing this book, when I was locked up, Nas and myself we weren't on good terms," said Prodigy. "That didn't make me write anything crazy about him, I just told the story how I seen it. If you read the book, you'll see that I gave Nas crazy love ... He's like my mentor if you read the book. I look up to him through the whole book, from beginning to end."

In a recent sitdown interview with Sway, Nas confirmed he spoke with Prodigy and the two aired out their past conflicts.

"He called me as soon as he got out of jail; he got in touch with me. We talked about some things," Nas told Sway. "I didn't know he had a book. He didn't tell me that. I guess he just wanted to clear the air on some past things that don't mean anything today."

Esco and P's conversation resulted in the creation of the Alchemist produced "Dog Sh--." According to Prodigy the Mobb and Nas are looking to restore that classic QB sound embodied in previous smash records.

"When we make songs together, man, it's another level, it's incredible music. It just gives you that feeling, like nostalgia almost," Prodigy said of the Mobb and Nas' past collaborations. "The music is just real powerful when Mobb Deep and Nas work together. So I said, 'We gotta keep that feeling going, man. We would be fools to stop doing that because of whatever petty bullsh-- that was going on.' "