Tyler The Creator Questions First Week Sales, Talks 'Goblin'


Tyler The Creator has been on a roll this week. With the release of his Goblin album the Odd Future MC managed to incite a riot outside of a high school with a score of students, nearly landing him in jail on the day one of his most critically acclaimed pieces of work to date hit stores. According to Tyler's rep, he was not arrested but however was "detained."

Earlier today reports began to surface that Tyler's independent album would sell in the range of 40 thousand copies in it's first week on shelves. While out promoting the album the Goblin rapper responded to the news.

"The F--k? Some Dumbass Said I Would Sell 40k First Week. I Wish. I'll Be Stoked If I Got Dat 10k, Thats Alot Of Copies To Me." Tyler tweeted earlier today.

Shortly after wrapping up his Goblin album Tyler spoke with MTV News about the content matter on Goblin and the transgression he's displaying on his newer material versus the previous.

"I have this song called 'Fish', the first f---ing verse rhymes with sync" said Tyler. "I was f---ing with syllables and twisted words. I would listen to it, 'cause a lot of songs that I have are old. Like this song called "Nightmare," "Tron Cat," by the way that will go on Goblin, I recorded that on my last birthday, which was last year. This song called "Nightmare" I recorded that before any song on 'Bastard' was created and it's going on Goblin. But it just fits it right. You'll hear it ... it's just crazy."

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