Seven Songs Lil Wayne Should Rock For MTV Unplugged

Lil Wayne is suddenly morphing into the hardest working man in hip hop.

After his breakneck cross-country “I Am Still Music” tour – with a few spot dates with our Canadian neighbors up north – Young Money captain Lil Wayne will add his talents to a longstanding MTV tradition and perform an acoustic live set as part of the Unplugged series this coming June 12, joining other rap and R&B notables such as Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and Maxwell.

With the New Orleans native thrilling fans with his energetic live show, we at RapFix have compiled a short list of songs for Weezy F. Baby to possibly translate into a more intimate format.

1. “Six Foot Seven Foot” – This Bangladesh produced banger is a true arena rocker but wouldn’t it be neat to see Weezy attempt to tackle this monster of a track in a smaller venue? It was also the first song many heard after Wayne’s triumphant return to the masses after his prison stint.

2. “Hustle Music” – This single from Wayne’s Tha Carter II was a mild hit but the smooth and funky track from TMIX and Batman already has a live feel to it so putting this track together should be a breeze.

3. “Let The Beat Build” – Appearing on Tha Carter III, this fan favorite track produced by Kanye West and co-produced by Deezle is a soulful romp with Kanye’s trademark vocal sample work and some dazzling flows from Wayne.

4. “A Milli” – Going back to Tha Carter III pool of hits, this Bangladesh track is one of Wayne’s most well-known tracks and while the production is almost all drums and deep bass, this could be another track that would wow the crowd and get heads nodding for certain.

5. “Go D.J.” – The second single in the first of Tha Carter series, this Mannie Fresh heat rock exploded on the charts when it dropped in 2004 and legitimized Wayne as a certified rap star. The bouncy track could go over quite well with some live instrumentation touches.

6. “Lollipop” – This 5 times platinum first single from Tha Carter III was one of the biggest rap songs of 2008 and was listed as Wayne’s highest charting song in his career. Featuring late R&B artist Static Major, the track also sold well over 4 million in digital downloads. The song, which caters to the ladies, shows Wayne in a lover boy stance and could be another easy transition from digital to live.

7. “Mrs. Officer” – Another favorite of female Lil Wayne fans is this silky track from producer Deezle and featuring crooner Bobby Valentino. Wayne shows off a more sensitive side on this track and given his recent predicament, this could be an interesting song to cover in the live area.

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