Gucci Mane To Be Released From Jail, Getting Back To Music

It's about to put time to put away the "Free Gucci Mane" tees. According to Gucci Mane's attorney, the Alabama MC will ">walk out of the Fulton County Jail, fresh off of papers by the end of June.

"Gucci, appeared in a Fulton County courtroom on Monday afternoon and in less than an hour, our attorney Mark Issa prevailed. Gucci will not only be released in 45 days, but will also end his probation by the last days of June upon his release from jail. Gucci looks forward to getting back into the studio and on with his life. Gucci thanks all his fans for the overwhelming love and support they have given."

Gucci Mane has been locked up since April after he was arrested on attempted battery charges when a young woman claimed the rapper shoved her out of his moving vehicle when he refused to go to a hotel with her.

Back In January Gucc was arrested on probation violation charges stemming from a November incident when police discovered him driving on the wrong side of the road. Police needed to use pepper spray to subdue the rapper but he was later released. The traffic charges against the "Lemonade" lyricist were eventually dropped.

For the frustrated fans of the southern rapper who's used the Atlanta jail system as a revolving door for the past year and overall the majority of his professional rap career, many are anticipating his latest run-in with the law to be his last. As Gucci Mane's attorney made a point, fans are hoping Gucci focuses soely on his music upon his release.

Late last year after his extensive jail bid Gucci vowed that his "vacation" at that time would be his last.

"I changed a lot in there," Gucc told the Los Angeles Times. "I know this is serious now and I have a lot to get off my chest."

"It's strange to go from being locked up to a month later everyone saying, 'Gucci, let's party!' " he continued. "But I lost so much in there that I came out with a much sharper focus."

"(Prison) is a real problem in hip-hop — it's a struggle to let that culture go. You can't let the ideology of the street get you in trouble," he said, adding, "I just wish I didn't have to go to jail to learn that. But sometimes we have to sacrifice and be responsible."