Waka Flocka Alleged Shooters Case Dismissed


Six men arrested and charged in the shooting involving rapper Waka Flocka Flame are off the hook after prosecutors decided to drop all charges against the crew. According to North Carolina prosecutors, the shooting and attempted robbery charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

"We didn't have enough evidence to prosecute any of them," District Attorney Andrew Murray explained to The Charlotte Observer. "The defendants are still in custody. That's why we need to dismiss the charges now. I'm not thrilled about having to dismiss these charges. Some of these guys have felony records."

Waka (born Juaquin Malphurs) was outside of his tour bus signing autographs and posing for photos with fans when two cars pulled up and unidentified men in the vehicles exchanged gunfire with members of the rapper's entourage. One man, 20-year-old Antonio Stukes, was shot in the shoulder during the firefight and police are still trying to determine what role he played in the incident. An attorney for Stukes, who was released from a North Carolina prison in December after serving time for crimes including assault with a deadly weapon, said his client was an innocent bystander who had gone to the shop to talk to Waka about a record deal.

The Observer reported that Waka voluntarily went to the police station for questioning and was later released.

Last month Waka stopped by the MTV offices and elaborated on his various run-ins with the law.

"That's just another standpoint of view," Waka said. "I don't think we're being targeted. I think God do a lot of stuff to let you know. ... It always stop you in your tracks. That's just situations God put you through so you be a stronger man, 'cause it didn't kill us, it just made us stronger. It's just to let you know like, 'Boy, you doing good, why would you go over here and ... ,' you know what I'm saying?"