Lil Boosie Jail Photos Emerge

Lil Boosie wants his fans to know that although he's currently locked down his name still holds strong in the Hip-Hop game. Over the weekend a photo of the MC emerged, showing the Louisiana rapper for the first time since his incarceration draped in jewelry in a cell he's currently housed in.

In the candid photo, the 'Wipe Me Down" rapper appears in good spirits despite the numerous felony charges he's currently facing. A shirtless Boosie is depicted with many gold chains, including one with an anchor and a gold studded bracelet. Boosie's ice game has seen better times for the flashy rapper who displayed millions of dollars on the average day but is now facing financial battles separate from his legal issues.

The photo arrives following reports of Boosie's home being foreclosed and inevitably auctioned off after non-payment on the property. Since his incarceration the note on Boosie's home ballooned to a whopping $375,270.74. Boosie's Baton Rouge estate is now set to be auctioned off on June 29th.

The rapper born Torrence Hatch is accused of paying men to kill 35-year-old Terry Boyd through the window of his home and of conspiring with his girlfriend, Walnita Decuir, and a former prison guard to introduce contraband — in this case, illegal drugs such as codeine pills and synthetic marijuana — into the prison where the rapper is being held. In addition to the murder charges, Boosie also faces a third charge involving drugs and conspiracy. Boosie pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

The Advocate reported that East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III said that investigators are looking into whether Boosie and others have ties to at least five other killings in the area since last year that have followed a murder-for-hire template similar to that of the Boyd slaying. Hillar said that his office hasn't decided yet whether to pursue the death penalty against Boosie on the murder charge, but said it was "obviously" an option.