Nicki Minaj Drops 'Super Bass' Video, Fans React


Young Money diva Nicki Minaj is still riding high off the success of her debut album Pink Friday and with her fifth official single and Sanaa Hamri-directed video “Super Bass,” the curvy beauty reveals more of her sensitive side as she playfully chases down a hunky potential suitor using her womanly wiles. The video is, like Minaj herself, nothing but colorful. From riding on the back of a motorcycle made of ice, Nicki Minaj lookalike backup dancers and a neon-lit strip tease dance sequence, it is a dazzling visual affair if nothing else.

Excited fans and the requisite detractors weighed in on the video, offering mixed opinions across the Web and most especially on Twitter. Even with Nicki showing a girly and whimsical side of herself, there seemed to be an even split of the approval of the clip. “It was a cute video. Simple and girly,” tweeted @AshleyNotOlsen.

Almost immediately after those favorable words, @Jubilance1922 offered a simple and succinct, “I don’t like it.” However, @JameliaTweeties earned herself a Top Tweet nod with her glowing words. “Ok So, Nicki Minaj is IT! Have you guys seen her 'Super Bass' Video?! I [love] It, She looks Amazing #Gymspiration , and The Guys #Yummy!!” she said.

The video didn’t fare to well with fans on the website with some fans flat out hurling insulting barbs and downing the clip with fervor. One commenter chimed in with, “[W]tf was that…. was she high cuz that video looked cheap as hellz (lol)” while another added, “[A]s a grown ass man, I couldn’t be caught dead listening to this s--t in the whip……this is definitely just for the females…..this ain’t no damn hip hop……this is just plain ole POP music.”

One excited fan countered the critics with, “I LUV this video yea NICK!!!! FQK LIL KIM 4 RITE NOW u DUH ISSSSSHHHH!!!” – perhaps marking the divide between fans of foes of the Queens native and passing the crown off to the “Right Through Me” star in the same breath.

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