Mann Talks New Record 'Buzzin' '


By Steven Roberts

The name Mann may not ring too many ring too many bells outside of Los Angeles, but the 19-year-old emcee has been getting a buzz thanks to his new single, “Buzzin.” Corny intros that would make my journalism professors cringe aside, Mann and J.R. Rotem have made something special’s with the Nu Shooz-sampled, “Buzzin.” When MTV News caught up Mann, he said he was just trying to make a feel good record.

“For a long time, I was trying to find the sound and the song that would match who I was. Buzzin was one of those records where it was that, but we wasn’t trying. I just did it. I just went into the studio and did my thing.”

Mann said that everything started to fall into place after that. He said people from his label started to take notice of him. He was signed at 16 but he felt he started to discover himself as an artist. The song also caught the at attention of 50 Cent and before he knew it Fif was one the remix.

“He heard the record. He loved it and he hopped on it,” said Mann. “When he dropped it on that’s when we all heard it, and we were like ‘wow’.”

Fif also makes an appearance in the remix of the video, which takes Mann from an auto shop to cruising LA with Nispey Hussle. Mann said he and Nip have been friends for a while now, and he’s excited that both artists have an opportunity to help put LA back into the hip-hop conversation. He said each of the newer generation of artists have been instrumental in creating the New West Sound.

“It’s a lifestyle. Everybody from LA, we have our own style now. When we party, we dance [it’s] to our own music, said Mann. “We made our own community.”