Lil B Tweets Confronts Backlash, Advocates For Peace


Lil B continues to defy convention once again, this time using his favorite outlet Twitter to weigh in on the recent capture and killing of FBI fugitive and terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. In a series of tweets on Sunday (May 1), the self-proclaimed Based God donned his foreign policy cap and spoke his mind as only Lil Boss can.

“[Just] because they say Osama is dead dosen't mean that's a good thing. Osama has family to that probably loves him a lot as well - Lil B,” began Lil B’s salvo regarding Osama. He continued the next day with, “[W]hat's your perspective on Osama ? i don't knwo much so I wanna know both sides? Why do you think he was motivated to kill? - Lil B” and “and do you technicaly know Osama has killed these people? I'm tryn'a get a better understanding, because I don't speak on things I don't know - Lil B.” – and he had both supporters and curious folks scratching their heads inquiring about and replying to his earnest tweets.

On today’s edition of “RapFix Live,” MTV News senior hip-hop writer Rob Markman sat down with Lil B and asked him to clarify his statements. Lil B, as he often does with some of his music, took a controversial bent but also showed an amazing amount of humility in admitting he didn’t know enough to effectively speak to the Bin Laden assassination. “Like before I even say something, I like to know what I’m talking about,” said B. “With Osama, first I wasn’t looking. I mean I haven’t really been paying attention to it. I wanted to know what drove Osama Bin Laden to feel this way. Just the person that I am, I like to sometimes take a deep breath and assess before I judge.”

Sway investigated the tweets further, showing the initial tweet Lil B made and some of the ensuing comments that not only supported his words but also decried the Based God’s curiously compassionate point. Sway ended the Lil B segment in urging viewers of “RapFix Live” to chime in with tweets or comments, putting a fair and balanced journalistic bow on a potentially controversial conversation.

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