Big Sean Almost Signed With Eminem’s Shady Records

Big Sean signed to Shady Records? That connection nearly happened said the current G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam signee.

In a recent interview with website DealWithNoDeal, the Finally Famous rapper shared the backstory on how he got close to nearly signing with his hometown’s hero Eminem and his Interscope-backed label as a teenager.

Lying about his age to enter a local Detroit rap battle, Sean explained a bit about his battling past and the big prize he and the other competitors were in a scramble for. “Before I met Kanye, I did a rap battle. I used to battle rap. I was real popular, that’s how I got this really good relationship with this radio station where I met Kanye at,” shared Big Sean. “They were doing this battle rap to where the prize was $10,000 and a single deal from Shady Music, like Eminem and all them.”

Although Big Sean tore through the competition before losing – he says unfairly – in the final round, the kid left enough of an impression on DJ Whoo Kid which inspired the Shady Ville and G-Unit DJ to establish a bridge of contact with the young rhymer. “So DJ Whoo Kid and Just came, I snuck in. I wasn’t even old enough to participate in it, but I lied about my age and I got all the way to the final round and lost to some dude,” Sean added. “I really thought I won, but I think the crowd was more on his side, so I lost. But DJ Whoo Kid and them was like ‘Man, we gonna keep in contact!’ Obviously, they didn’t.”

Signing with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music at 19 after impressing the superstar with his prodigious raps at a Detroit radio station two years earlier, Big Sean is finally – no pun intended – releasing his official studio album debut Finally Famous on June 21 after releasing a trio of critically acclaimed mixtapes sharing the same name as the LP. His upcoming project features close friend and R&B crooner Chris Brown and also N.E.R.D. frontman and producer Pharrell Williams.