Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 announce Bad Meets Evil EP Title, Fans React

Looks like Slim Shady and Nickel Nine are taking their group name a little seriously.

When news broke that the two Motor City rap titans Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 were reuniting under the guise of their former duo name Bad Meets Evil, the Web went crazy with anticipation. The news had even greater impact as the pair confidently announced a release date of June 14. But even after the rabid fans and few detractors got a taste of which producers Royce and Em would employ, many wondered what would be the title of their forthcoming EP.

Wait no more as the rappers who gave listeners the bone-chilling “Scary Movies” single are back at their shocking best with the title of their EP – Hell: The Sequel. Crafting the title from their joint self-titled song on Eminem’s debut LP The Slim Shady LP, where Em spits the line “see you in hell for the sequel,” the EP’s name revelation which Em tweeted at midnight May 2 has caused quite a stir on the Web. Fans have poured in with a variety of comments, especially on the fast moving social network of Twitter.

An excited @DirtybirdJ23 tweeted, “Can’t wait to cop @eminem hell: the sequel” while fan @C4FromIceGrill who apparently has been living under a rock these last few weeks tweeted, “I'm sooo outta the loop.... Eminem and Royce da 5'9 got a new album together?? Iz dat real??”

Supportive super fan @Murf_75 tweeted directly to Em her excitement about the album. “[L]uv the Title HELL especialy when ur EVIL and then u mix a lil BAD wit it lookin foward to getting this EP thanks 2 u and ROYCE XxX,” she said. It seems that most fans on Twitter were beyond stoked at the news, summed up directly in @Stemp5929’s enthusiastic and misspelled tweet. “[C}an't wait for the Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 EP Hell: The Squeal gonna be fire,” he shared.

The album will feature production from Bangladesh, D12’s Mr. Porter and features from Royce’s super group Slaughterhouse and singer Bruno Mars.

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