Frank Ocean Released From Jail, Reportedly Working With Nas

By Kathy Iandoli

Odd Future is everywhere these days, even in the studio with Nas.

The hip hop collective’s lead crooner Frank Ocean has been making waves off his Def Jam shelved debut effort Nostalgia, Ultra. The work was released for free via Ocean’s Tumblr page and since then, the singer/songwriter has been in demand. The artist has now been tapped by Nas for a collaboration.

But before Frank Ocean can revel in his good fortune, the 23-year old singer and songwriter had an unspecified run-in with the Los Angeles Police department on April 28. In an early morning Twitter rant from his Twitter account upon his release today, Ocean went in on the LAPD and didn't hold his tongue. "Just got out of jail," he said in a angry barrage of tweets. "Would like to go on record saying..fuck the police. fuck LAPD to be specific. fuck a cop, non-stop." Imagining Frank typing his rant to MellowHype's "F--k The Police" wouldn't be much of a stretch. But let's get back to the good stuff.

Nas revealed via his Twitter page this past weekend that he and Frank Ocean were working together. “In the studio with my little n**ga @frank_ocean,” @Nas tweeted.

Fans are looking forward to the product of a Nasty Nas and Frank Ocean project. “This stands to either be really great or really bad,” analyzes @SweetAnalysis. “Either way, I'm excited.” “Ok so the whole Nas-thing being in the studio with Frank Ocean is legit? Ok now I'm gonna scream like a 12-year old bieber-fan #hiphoplives,” adds @GladysFerro. “Nas and Frank Ocean are working on a project together, can't wait to hear it!” continues @xoEpic.

Nas isn’t the first high profile artist to align with an Odd Future member. Kanye West tweeted months back about how much he loved OFWGKTA frontman Tyler, the Creator’s video for the freakishly dope “Yonkers”. So far Tyler has worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams, and Frank Ocean has previously penned tracks for Justin Bieber, Brandy and John Legend. However, it’s the Nas/Ocean union that has piqued fans’ interest, as some were hedging bets on who would get to Frank first. “I thought Rick Ross was going to be the 1st non-Odd Future-rapper to have Frank Ocean on a hook,” says @bnease. “I was wrong, it's Nas.”

Odd Future has been the group on everyone’s lips since they took over this year’s SXSW. Previous to that, multiple bidding wars were ensuing over who would sign the crew. Everyone from Steve Rifkind to Diddy to Jay-Z were vying for the group’s affections. OFWGKTA settled upon a distribution deal with RED Distribution/Sony and are setting up shop as Odd Future Records.

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