Havoc Backs Prodigy's New Book, P Responds To Capone's Taunts


While rappers Capone and Noreaga are taking exception to Prodigy's new book, "My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy," Havoc has come to the defense of his longtime partner in rhyme.

"That's him seeing Mobb Deep's life through his eyes," Havoc told us on Tuesday (April 26).

Last week, in an exclusive interview with MTV News, N.O.R.E. questioned Prodigy's motivation for writing about an incident in which, after N.O.R.E. was jumped by members of Mobb Deep's entourage, Noreaga shot an associate of the group's crew in retaliation. "Why would you bring up something where your man got shot?" Nore asked.

Havoc sees things differently. "Things that happened with [Prodigy] personally, that's just his spin on it, that's his take. I don't think that anybody should get emotional because that's how he sees it," he said.

Prodigy also wrote about an incident detailing how Havoc shot a Def Jam employee in the record company's Manhattan offices. While Hav hasn't read the book, he did shed light on the shooting and pretty much corroborated Prodigy's version of the story.

"Something happened where I was messing around with a gun and shot somebody by accident. Actually, he was like a manger of mine," Havoc recalled. "I believe D.M.C. [of Run-D.M.C.] was there and I had tried to bounce. Next thing you know, [A Tribe Called Quest member] Ali Shaheed Muhammad is like, 'Don't go nowhere. You gonna make it worse.' "

Hav was arrested, but later cleared of the charges after the victim testified that the shooting was an accident, according to the autobiography.

As far as whether he plans to read "My Infamous Life," Havoc said he's in no rush. "I don't really have to read the book. At some point I will, but everything in there I know. So it's just like going down memory lane."

Capone has attacked some of Prodigy's accounts in his book. In one chapter of "MIL" P paints the CNN rapper as a snitch who turned state's witness against Havoc's brother. 'Pone responded to the accusations with some unfriendly words for Prodigy on an upcoming edition of Forbez DVD. In return the QB author backed his decision to spill the beans in his book.

"He's probably upset because the truth of the matter came out now as far as what happened with Havoc's brother and the whole case thing," P told Hot 97 disc jockey Funkmaster Flex referring to Capone. "It's sad it went down the way it went down. We didn't ask Capone to do that, we had nothing to do with his decision making. His decision making is based upon his decisions that's in his head. Really, he has to take that up with himself at the end of the day. And it's the same thing with him. In no way, shape or form was I trying to be disrespectful or to target him or to ruin somebody's career. That wasn't my intentions at all. My intentions was to tell the story as it went down and how it is. He was a friend of ours from the neighborhood, in Queensbridge, where that whole hood respected me and Capone was one of those people that showed me love when I came in so I had love for him."