K. Michelle Drops New Single 'How Many Times,' Shoots Video

Memphis, Tennessee songbird K. Michelle has quite a story to go along with her new single on Jive Records, "How Many Times" – and her journey from a young and hopeful singer to becoming a major label artist was an arduous one.

At just 24 years of age, K. Michelle has endured not only the hardships of single motherhood but also triumphed in her collegiate career as a student at the notable HBCU Florida A&M University. Although she entered the college on a music scholarship, she switched her major to biology although she continued to sing and the curvy beauty even won a beauty pageant as Miss FAMU.

Now in 2011 and linking with producer Blac Elvis, her new single “How Many Times” is at times heart-wrenching and defiant, showing off a powerful vocal range towards the song’s high points. Written by singer/songwriter Sean Garrett – who produces alongside Swizz Beatz as well as a hit maker behind the scenes himself – the song has a lot of meaning for K. Michelle as she shares in a statement for the single. “This record for me is deeper than just encompassing another song crying over a man, or ones repeated hope of change in a relationship,” said K. Michelle.” I challenge myself daily to be the voice of single mothers who must exhibit strength for their children, broken hearted women who aspire to have love in the future, victims of heartache, as well as, women who are often judged and misunderstood.”

Producer Blac Elvis has worked with Pussycat Dolls, Ludacris, Usher, Kelly Rowland and Kelis to name a few of the many acts featuring his production. Sean Garret was introduced to K. Michelle via crooner Trey Songz when K. Michelle’s management company also worked on with Trey Songz. After a conversation with the singer, Garrett penned the single from her determined perspective.

K. Michelle’s debut album Pain Medicine will be released later this year.