Kanye West And Katy Perry Grace ‘American Idol’ Stage, Fans React


It seems like the reconciliation between rap superstar Kanye West and pop darling Katy Perry is still ongoing after the two stars graced the "American Idol" stages last night (April 21), performing the remix version of Perry’s hit song “E.T.” – and it was indeed a spectacle to behold.

In an attempt to match the space-age look she employed in the video version of the track, Katy Perry was decked out in a skintight white bodysuit complete with lights and a cape that would make most superheroes envious. Three dancers adorned in alien-like garb carried the singer out to the stages for the pre-taped performance. Atop her head was a crown of fashionably futuristic design and Perry was eventually hoisted into a throne as her dancers moved it about the stage.

Kanye West’s opening verse was displayed on screens inside for the studio audience, offering the illusion that the Windy City MC was not in the building. Mr. West joined the Teenage Dream star later onstage decked out in a fur vest, black leather coat with a white tee underneath the outfit. The pair displayed great chemistry together and dramatic tension matching the theme of the song, with the studio audience erupting in applause at the conclusion of their performance.

The Web exploded with comments, but most especially on Twitter where fans chimed in with varying views of the duet. “I think Katys vocals were great but her new image seems purported...too Gaga-esque. [A]lso it was ..odd but i was glad to see Kanye welcomed by that demographic that crucifies him still,” shared @miaalien_ in a series of Tweets, and echoing a theme that Perry was possibly borrowing from the Lady Gaga image handbook. “Katy stole and turned what Gaga is into a gimmick cause Gaga is [a] real Alien,” shared @SoloFaDolo.

An unimpressed @PurplePeace79 added, “I am not a Katy Perry fan at all, and I don't like the song. Kanye looked horrific but performed well. Kinda weak overall.” Yet the overwhelming response to the performance thrilled many fans who tuned in. “Kanye's jacket is crazy...Katy Perry sounds good. I like this performance !!!!!” tweeted @CourtneyJ21. Following that exuberant tweet was @missbrookediaz who quipped, “Katy And Kanye Do American Idol and damn - it was AWESOME!”

Katy Perry wasn't always best pals with Kanye West, after the rapper's 2009 VMAs outburst in where he halted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, Perry took to Twitter to voice her displeasure of West. And with the current success of the single and this latest performance, all seems to have been forgiven.

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