Where Is 50 Cent's New Single?


Where is 50 Cent’s new single?

Earlier this week, Ferrari announced via Twitter, of course, that he would be dropping the lead single from his forthcoming Black Magic album.

“I'm putting my first single off my new album out this week Nothing but heat,” tweeted 50 on Monday, April 18.

There have been no subsequent tweets that mention any new music. The Queens rapper did tweet extensively about VH1’s new reality series "Mob Wives." Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but 50 has a documentary titled “50 Cent: The Origin of Me” that will premiering on the channel in May 23 at 9PM. The doc follows 50 as he goes back to South Carolina to get acquainted with his relatives and find out about his ancestral roots.

Other tweets from Fif included a pic from the LA set of Nicole Scherzinger’s video for “Right There” from her forthcoming Killer Love album. 50 drops a guest verse on the song and MTV News was on hand. But we weren’t able to squeeze much more info out of the rapper about the new song besides his plans to make sure it and his album are a priority at Interscope Records.

“I tweeted something about the actual single,” 50 Cent told MTV News. “While I’m out here I got a meeting, I gotta sit with Jimmy [Iovine, Chairman of Interscope/Geffen/A&M], I gotta sit with the guys that push the button. I’ve done it by myself on my other albums ‘cause I got my own radio staff. And I worked the record and get it to 500 spins and then let them kick in. But I think it’s better to just go with the entire building, have everybody on deck so they understand my plans for this project.”

Even while getting his behind the scenes recording affairs in order, Fif has still managed to be in the news. It was reported this week that he was yet again a victim of credit card fraud and word is that The Jersey Shore’s Pauly D is now allegedly a part of G-Note Records.

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