Rej3ctz Say They're Bringing Hip-Hop Back On RapFix Live

The Rej3ctz checked in to this Wednesday’s edition of RapFix Live via Skype and the eccentric group of dancers, rappers and everything in between were as rambunctious as ever. Mowii and Bounce were present, but Pee Wee was AWOL. Nevertheless, host Sway Calloway got them to speak on the New West hip-hop scene that MTV News has been covering all week.

“Honestly it's a blessing man, to see all these creative cats from the West Coast just come up, like us,” Bounce said. “It's it’s just all creative creeds. It's a lot of new talent from YG to Joe Moses to Audio Push, us, it’s a new West movement man. It's a New West Order all day.”

Mowii co-signed his partner’s sentiments. “What's so dope about it is usually when you hear about the West Coast you always hear something like, ‘Ok, gangsta rap,’,” said the former Madonna dancer. “What's really dope about this whole movement that we established and helped to create and get going is everybody is working together and you really don't see that or hear that coming from the West Coast. You usually hear that from New York cats, the East Coast cats that all pretty much stick together, down south. This right now is something that’s remarkable because it's the rebirth of a whole new generation, it’s the rebirth of our style of hip-hop.”

Besides their enthusiasm for their hometown’s hip-hop scene, The Rej3ctz also hipped Sway to some of the new slang coming from the left coast. The pair that made it to the interview emphasized that “swag” is dead (Lil B and Odd Future might disagree, just saying). Also, a new word (“It ain’t really new, we been owned it out here,” said Bounce.) that can be used instead of swag is “creez.” There is also “gil,” an LA synonym for “weak” (“You remember that old show “Gilligan's Island”, he was a gil,” said Mowii.).

After the quick lesson, the Rej3ctz relayed that they had “a lot of New West Order music, that’s what it’s about, NWO,” in store according to Bounce. They have a double disc mixtape on the way.

“It’s all about making history for us,” Mowii said. “I think we’ve already made history. But it’s all about leaving a legacy. I think for us, to really put it out there, it’s really about pushing a movement and bring hip-hop back to its original forefront.”

Before they logged off Skype, they had one last comment that they felt needed to be stressed.

“Hip-Hop, it’s all about the DJs, it’s all about the style, it’s all about the, not just the rap the art. And last but not least, the fashion. Those five things make hip-hop and when you look at us, we are that.”

Stick with us all week as MTV News turns the spotlight on the New West, the next wave of hip-hop acts helping restore faith in the L.A. rap scene. From groups like Odd Future to rising MCs like Dom Kennedy, we'll bring you up close and personal to these artists as they carve their own lanes in the post-gangsta rap era. Keep it locked here for the next week for more on the West Coast up-and-comers!