Nicki Minaj Has No Comment On 'Tragedy' Leak

Has Nicki Minaj fired off another shot at Lil Kim? A verse from the brightly wigged Queens MC called “Tragedy” that leaked in early April would point to a yes, but Nicki is saying no.

While backstage at the "I Am Still Music" tour’s recent stop in New Orleans, Sway Calloway asked Nicki about the song in question. “I will not comment on that,” said Nicki.

The song, actually verse, in question is difficult to misconstrued as a dis to anyone but the Queen Bee. “Pink Friday Eminem 8 Mile/It must hurt to sell your album on Paypal,” are the verse’s opening lines, a clear reference to Lil Kim selling her infamous Black Friday mixtape via PayPal.

When Lil Kim appeared on MTV RapFix Life in February, she felt that Nicki Minaj’s previous lyrical barbs—whether alleged subliminal disses or “Roman’s Revenge” from Pink Friday—left her with no choice but to retaliate in song. “What kind of message would that send to my fans if I just sit back and watched?,” Lil Kim told MTV News. “Let this girl do what she’s doing. My fans were more fumed than I was. They were looking like, ‘Do you see this? Do you hear this?’.”

Little info beyond its title (which isn’t confirmed), and that it is produced by Hit-Boy and Boi-1da, has been revealed about “Tragedy.” Word is the verse will appear on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV, which is now dropping on June 21st.

Nicki Minaj has told MTV News that although she has started recording the follow up to Pink Friday, she is focused on the "I Am Still Music" tour and the upcoming "Femme Fatale" tour with Britney Spears.

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